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Badgers can be choosers.

I wanna keep bees!

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14 April 1977

Who am I? I'm a mom. And a fangirl. A friend and a person who loves to make new friends.

My kids are my world. Spencer is three and Logan is edging towards one year old! Come be friends with us. Most of the posts about my babies are f-locked, so if you want to read about them, you're gonna have to friend me! C'est la vie. <3

I have a degree in English and Professional Writing, Minor in Biology...so yeah.  My mom says I'm eclectic. I say I am a bookish freak with an affinity for coffee and the Kreb's cycle.  Semantics.  Ask me and I'll probably tell you something really interesting.

According to agent99, the following is a description of my life:
She stays gold (9:30:30 PM): your life is awesome
She stays gold (9:30:36 PM): it's made out of pure organic awesome
She stays gold (9:30:49 PM): fresh from the awesome tree
She stays gold (9:31:06 PM): out in the awesome orchard
She stays gold (9:31:16 PM): on the farm of win

I was once an icon-making fiend. Not so much right now. Too busy with the baby. Here is a list of my resources. I will update this as needed.* http://www.abstractfonts.com* http://www.gettyimages.com* Other pics floating about the internet. I will change this and make it more specific as necessary.

LAYOUT visualwitHEADER sobotaUSER INFO sobota
adam lambert, adrian pucey, alternative rock, anne rice, art, arthur/eames, au, avenged sevenfold, baking, baseball, basketball, beall street, beautiful things, being a groupie (hehe), benji madden, billie joe armstrong, blaise zabini, books, boykissing, boys in eyeliner, british accents, british actors, british films, british humor, btvs, buffy/spike, canon!blaise, cheesy romance, chicago, coffee, comedy, comedy central, concerts, crack!fic, cute boys, dan/casey love, dean koontz, dirty trousers, draco malfoy, draco/ron, dramione, eddie izzard, elvis, fanfiction, fangirling, fanon!blaise, fluff, football, frogs, funny-as-shit-snort-dr.pepper-up-your-nose movies, glitter!, golf, good charlotte, green day, harry potter, harry's capslocky rage, hermione/draco, humor, inception, italian, j.k. rowling, james & oliver phelps, james marsters, jazz, jgl, john saul, jrr tolkien, lotr, m shadows, madtv, meeting bands, monet, movies, mst3k, music, orlando bloom, pretty boys, procrastination, punkslash, randomness, rare pairings, reading, red heads, road trips, romance, ron weasley, rupert grint, sappy movies, sarcasm, scary movies, seamus finnegan, slash, slytherin, smut, smutfic, snakes, sneaking cameras into concerts, snl, sports, sports night, squeeing, stacking things, starbucks, stephen king, subtext, synyster gates, tea, tennis, tetris, the discovery channel, the learning channel, the renaissance, tom felton, tom hardy, turtles, ust, vampires, weasley twins, weasleys, wine, writing, zacky vengeance, zefron orange, ~sexy mormon calendars~

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