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15 February 2009 @ 01:45 pm
Post VD (lolol)  
Thank you to all of my lovies for your kind words and thoughts the other day. You know what I'm referring to, and I appreciate you all so much. ♥

William and I bought tickets to see Underworld 3 on Friday, but William appeared to be slipping into a movie-induced coma, so we slipped into Push just as the previews were ending. I was enjoying Underworld but Push was very good, so I'm not complaining.

Yesterday Will, bb and I had breakfast at the local cafe. It was yummy goodness for Will and myself (OM NOM NOM COFFEE), while Spencer played with his magnadoodle and ate freeze dried yogurt bites and toast dipped in gravy. I don't know.

I had late afternoon lunch with some folks at The Monument Inn seafood restaurant. SHRIMP JAMBOREE OKAY.

And last night Spencer and I hung out with kylieq. Good times.

Now I'm off to get my hair all blued up again. Maybe I'll let him cut it again. You never know with me.

mercurybard on February 15th, 2009 08:07 pm (UTC)
Your little boy subsists on the strangest things.

And I really wish I could've come over last night, but I fell asleep sitting up at the kitchen table during Mom's birthday dinner, so.
Kmousie: Ev smilekmousie on February 15th, 2009 09:51 pm (UTC)
(no subject) - bloodygoodgirl on February 17th, 2009 03:14 am (UTC) (Expand)