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So would y'all be interested in a repost of all of the ultrasound pics and videos from my pregnancy with Spencer? Most of the links to the pics I posted originally have died and I was just browsing through them on my computer a few minutes ago and thinking...."hey, I wonder if my flist would like to see those again or for the first time for those of you that came along after bb spencerdom." But yeah, is that of interest to anyone? I might just do it anyway, so I can put them all in one post for my own happiness.

Did I mention that I HATE CLEANING MY OFFICE? Because I totally do. I've been in here most of the day, and I keep letting myself get distracted by things like pics/vids of bb spencer, Ben&Jerry's and Miss Congeniality, etc etc etc. At the end of all of this cleaning, I will be moving Spencer to the office and the office to his tiny bedroom. That should be interesting.
Tags: bb spencer

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