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13 December 2008 @ 01:26 am
One of those nights....  
Sorry, my mind does that sometimes.

Well, today has been a rollercoaster of plans and changed plans and offers for other plans, etc etc etc. Essentially we were going to see Electric Touch at Warehouse Live tonight, but Lesa couldn't make it so instead I went to see Milk with kylieq instead. I was offered amazing Sounds tickets (free show in Austin!) but I just couldn't get a sitter with this much warning for drives to Austin. Anyway, Kylie and I saw Milk, then picked the bb up from the mom in law and hung out at my house eating Jack in the Box and watching youtube videos (like you do).

EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS MOVIE, STAT. It is wonderful and funny and moving and heartbreaking and empowering and just...♥_♥ Seriously. I laughed and cried and got shivers and just....go watch it, okay. I can't stress enough how amazing this film is.

And now I am going to bed! I made desserts today and must make some appetizers tomorrow for a Christmas party tomorrow night. Then we have luminaries in the neighborhood which should be great fun!

Goodnight all! I LOVE YOU!

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♥ I LOVE YOU ;_;