I AM YOUR WIFE! (eckerlilas) wrote,

More than words

Thank you so much for all of the kind words last night. I appreciate your hugs and love more than I can say. I hate it when petless people disregard the death of a pet as if it were nothing. As if you didn't just lose a member of your family. Those people just don't get it. YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING. ♥

William and my brother picked him up and buried him last night. I am so glad that we were able to bury his little body, guys. Like, you may think it lame, but it makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER to know that I know where he is.

And on a weird note, my living room smells like death. No really, it smells like something died in there. But nothing did. Nothing dead passed through that room and nothing William wore after he touched Danny. And that is the only room that smells strange. I tried candles and lysol and febreze and it won't go away. This is VERY DISTRESSING.

*SIGH* Thank you again for being such an amazing group of people. I love you all very very much.


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