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Turkey Day!

I konw Thanksgiving isn't technically until tomorrow, but my family is getting together this evening to celebrate (read: eat food and act silly). We are traveling to Canton tomorrow to spend the weekend shopping and hanging out together as one huge family of weirdos. It should be great fun. I'm taking my car (I NEVER TAKE MY CAR ON THESE TRIPS) because we need the extra riding space. The huge plus of this is that I get to listen to MUSIC. HOORAY. No seriously, HOOFUCKINGRAY!

This morning I have icebox pies, cheeseballs and pudding desserts to make. Later there'll be so much food to eat that we'll wonder how we are still all even functioning humans.

I LOVE ALL OF YOU! Have a wonderful day tomorrow if I don't get to tell you again!


PS - If livejournal doesn't start sending me comment notifications I'm gonna start to cry. I hate missing comments.....
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