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After today I'm hoping that all my resemblance to Tina Turner will fade....

Yeah, the insurance adjuster is FINALLY coming over today to survey the damage done my Hurricane Ike. I'm equally excited and nervous as hell.

Y'all get to praying or crossing fingers and toes for me, okay? I NEED the insurance to cover all of these damages because I don't have that kind of money dude, okay?!?!?

I saw Sex Drive with duia and the hubby on Monday. Alright, Fall Out Boy cameo of awesome and hilarity aside, that movie was SO FUNNY. I could tell like, three lines in when both Duia and I were laughing hysterically and leaning into each other quoting it back that I was going to own this movie someday in the near future.

Okay, the insurance guy will be here at 11am. THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS.

PS - OMG Rock Band Live tour in SIX DAYS! \o/
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