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THE NKOTB concert was amazing amounts of fun. I may have screamed like a freak 6 or 47 times, but you can't prove it.

Last night I went to bed and dreamt that I was in an open relationship with Frank and Jamia. I was her girlfriend and he was my baby daddy. Yeah, my brain is AMAZING.

Also, if this is the kind of dreaming I should expect to have following boyband concerts....I'm clearly going to have to start seeing more boybands. Does The Cab count? They have definitely been matching more onstage lately. Arena tours FTW.

PS - My sis-in-law showed me pics of her m&g experience with the guys. Only Jordan, Joey and Danny came to the M&G. I would have been sad because no NKOTB M&G experience is complete with a Wahlberg present. Just sayin'. Anyway, there's a pic of her with Jordan (HER FAVORITE OMG!). Ahahahaha, she has a DEATH GRIP on his midsection. It is hilariously precious. She is gripping him like a 3 yr old would her daddy's leg or something. She said that after the pic was taken she didn't want to let go. Her arms were shaking. He patted her arm (the one deathgripping his waist) and said "It's okay, hon. It's okay. ENDLESS LULZ
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