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I'm not sure my life can get much more surreal

I'm heading out the door to drop off my sister-in-law for her meet and greet with NKOTB. Yes, you heard me, she has M&G. Hahahahahahaha

I just CANNOT STOP LAUGHING. Also, I'm slightly jealous, if only because I think what might come out of my mouth in front of those dudes would HAVE to be HILARIOUS. ALSO....PICS WITH THE BAND! My inner 12yr old is screaming her lungs off.

Anyway, dropping her off and then I'll be back home for a little while before the show.

I'm thinking of dressing as scene as I can manage in an effort to stand out as much as possible. Good plan? Y/MFY?

ETA: I was driving back home after dropping her off just now, and there were 30yr old chicks standing out back by the loading bay at the Toyota Center. They were all dressed up and holding big signs for the guys. IT WAS TO DATE THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN. And I've seen Singer posed up with the Jonas Brothers, ok.
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