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What a comment!

So today I was sitting here at my desk, working *cough* reading fanfic *cough* and one of my coworkers rolls back in her chair, takes one look at me, and states "Shonna, it looks like you're having a green day." *Gasp*

I took it as a compliment.

I am wearing two layered green tops, a long straight black skirt, green knee-high socks and my black Dr. Marten's. So, yes, I am having a GREEN DAY! Huzzah!

That has been the most exciting thing that happened to me today. Oh, except my boss brought me a large Chai latte, so that was nice.

Anyone want to write a story for me? I need some new reading material desperately. This actual "working" thing is just more than I can handle today. Besides, no kids are in school, therefore I have little to NOTHING to do anyway. *sigh*

I could use some Draco/Ron or maybe Theo/Seamus. Yes indeed, Shonna is craving the slash. *smirk*
Tags: chai lattes, green day, slash

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