I AM YOUR WIFE! (eckerlilas) wrote,

1. Go to your profile and copy your list of friends.
2. Bold those you've met in person. (I cheated on one that I KNEW I'd be meeting in a few weeks. She's coming to stay at my house! It totally counts!)
3. Italicize those you've spoken to on the phone (I'm counting texting, because I WANT TO OKAY). ♥

2pointoh, agent99, agirlcalledkil, andirealized, anothersadsong, arielchan, armaangelus, arsenicjade, asevenxme, askheychris, astros_junkie, auntee_mame, basementmaster, beingothrwrldly, billytallentfan, britt_1975, bruisesonguitar, bunney, burymestanding_, canadiankracka, castoffstarter, chelspatd1, clare_san, closetflorist, clumsygyrl, cosmic_kitten1, crayola123, deadxstop, deliberatefic, dickplan, dirtytrousers, disarm_d, dixi19, elanor_sarah, eldee, eleanor_lavish, electric_ellie, eliwoodsgirl182, enoughoflove, fancykid88, ficlaidbare, fiddleyoumust, fizzyblogic, flimsy,floridapeaches, forever__ago, forevernew, gardengnomegeek, gigantic, girl_genius05, got_slash, grobaneuphoria, guest_age, howido_fics, ibombedthedisco, icecreamhdaches, inell, ink_like_blood,inmyriadbits, irish_cocktail, jadziadrgnrdr, jawy, jubileebanker, jzbell, kate_the_great7, keeplistening, kill_i_oughtta, kisekiga, kissherdraco, kissingchaos9, kmousie, kylieq, l_m_n, ladyofthequill, laurel_tx, lcsu, lidi, likespoons, lilycat81, lilyvalley73, linabean, lissa_bear, lizardspots, loveflyfree, lovelypoet, machinegirl, marigolde, maybememories78, megyal, mercurybard, midniightsun, milesfromwhere, millieweasley, mistful, natacup82, newtoyou, nikibee, notshybutsly, noway_icons, nunshavingfun, our_innocence, pau494, pen_rhovan_nin, pere_lachaise, phoebesmum, playfullips, pluginxbaby, pre_emptive, purplejamish, quimtessence, ragdoll246, raye6, rictusempra__, romanticalgirl, roxys15, ryanatee, sandrajr, schuyler, shadow_hive, shaedowcat, shoplifterette, shutyourface, sightofland, silvernatasha, simplysonia, situated, skoosiepants, slightly_frayed, sobota, starshipcrew, stereotype_vamp, stilldreaming, summerinnewyork, sunday_porch, sundeyfic, sunn_doyouknow, talkinmaths, tamlane, teaspoon, tequilideas, theunheardmusic, thirteen, thisismyname246, thisxwillxbreak, thousandjulys, tigilicious, tonguemastaofjc, torificus, txtequilanights, unknownlst07, virtuousvices, wakethefallen, warmingweather, wasted_faith, whimsofyouth, wickediceicons, witchiepooh, wolfwill, wordsaremyfaith, xdousethelights, xkissthelies, zomgwtfsrsly

I hope I didn't screw any of these up. It sort of took me FOREVER and I'm really sleepy now...so I'm going to bed!

I KNOW I KNOW, y'all want PICTURES! I SWEAR I'll post them. Lesa hold me to that!

G'NIGHT! ♥♥♥
Tags: memeage

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