I AM YOUR WIFE! (eckerlilas) wrote,

Warped Tour Houston

I went to my first Warped Tour today. It was a mix of amazing and OMG WHY AM I HERE!?!?

I got extremely sunburnt (even though I reapplied sunblock 10-12 times throughout the day), nearly passed out during the Gym Class set (had to visit the pass out tent and everything - but I only missed one song ahahaha, HARDCORE) because apparently you need to EAT when you spend all day in the sun, and was dirtier than you can even imagine.

On the plus side: the bands were KICKASS. I got amazing pictures of Gym Class, The Academy Is and Cobra Starship. GCH did an acoustic set and it was so awesome. Seriously guys, these pictures are O_O holy crap so good. I love midday natural light for photography: makes for gorgeous photos! I got to hang out with some of the Texas fangirls, my cousins and some other friends. We took my 13 year old cousin Dylan to his first real concert today: OMG HE HAD A BLAST. I loved seeing him enjoying himself almost as much as seeing the shows for myself. Spread the love, baby.

Now I'm home and worn out. I'm a mixture of brown and red, elated and fucking exhausted. I can't wait to see these bands again on Tuesday! NOLA HERE I COME! Roadtrip baby!

I have to take Steph to the bus station in the morning and then work a little tomorrow and then I'm picking up Lesa and Julia at the airport and driving straight to New Orleans. Crazy amazing life.

Bedtime for Shonna. I'll offload my pictures tomorrow....harrass me into posting them soon, okay!?!?! They are so gooooood!

Tags: concerts, fangirl funtimes

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