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A-camping we will go

It appears that I will indeed be going to Caldwell to celebrate the New Year. Camping. Yes kids, I will be camping. I have until 4 pm to back out, and then we will be on the road to tentville.

I'll update if things change. If I don't get a chance to talk to y'all again before 2006, I hope everyone has a wonderful time! *mass hugs*

I will probably be sitting next to a bonfire with my iPod, wishing I had my LJ girls nearby. Ah well, I will have my hubby to kiss, so that is saying something! And our marriage license came in the mail today, so it wasn't a hoax! Huzzah! *grin*

*snogs my F-list*

I am such a dork, but I am going to miss y'all over the next few days. I will check in on Sunday when we get back! Ugh, then I go back to work on Monday! Can you believe that? Blech!

Here's a few nice pics to wish you a Happy New Year!

I am taking a page out of tamlane's book and posting a fab pic of wet Hugh! He was just begging to wish y'all a happy new year!

He just looks so damn sexy here that I had to post this one!

Seriously. Guh. Now I can go camping.

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