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Vegas = AMAZING. Seriously best Panic show I've seen so far, hands down.

Anaheim = AMAZING (how we got barrier even though we arrived at the venue at 4:30 pm is beyond me - I had early entry to the Vegas show and I didn't have barrier. WTF)


New Tattoos! = YAY! (but mine isn't healing nicely and it is making me a sad sad panda)

Bandom Fangirls = THE BEST PEOPLE I KNOW. Thanks for letting me hang....

Baby Spencer = THE BEST BABY EVER. I missed my little boy, hardcore.

My own bed!!! = THE BEST THING IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. You'd think fancy hotel room floors would be more comfortable. XD

Goodnight bbs! More to come when I can keep my eyelids open....

Tags: fangirl funtimes. concerts

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