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24 April 2008 @ 12:10 am
My pants need the Schechter magic touch.  
Truer words were never uttered, my friend.

Hey Houston area fangirls! Comment to this post if you'd like to come hang at my house Sunday evening for some awesome fangirl shenanigans! shutyourface, kylieq and I will be hanging and watching DVDs, listening to music, casting AUs with our amazing brains, playing with baby Spencer and getting too excited about MCR in Austin on Monday.

We'll be getting up at ass o'clock and heading out to Austin the next morning, so we decided shenanigating at my house the day before is just what we need to get the party started!

So comment and let me know if you'd like to come hang with us. Even if you aren't going to MCR in Austin you should come if you like! I predict funtimes. And you can totally crash at my house if you so desire. I have a couch and a lounge chair and a recliner and lots of floor! So bring pillows and blankies and stuff! SLEEPOVER!

If you let me know you're coming I'll give you the address.

I am so EXCITED about Sunday and MCR on MONDAY! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

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kylieq on April 24th, 2008 05:30 am (UTC)
mercurybard on April 24th, 2008 12:09 pm (UTC)
Sounds like fun. I may come by once I'm done with my final.
I AM  YOUR WIFE!eckerlilas on April 24th, 2008 02:43 pm (UTC)
YAY! Do you need my address? I can't remember whether or not you have it.
mercurybard on April 24th, 2008 11:19 pm (UTC)
I do need your address.
Ice-T: an actor, also a refreshing beveragefiddleyoumust on May 3rd, 2008 11:04 pm (UTC)
Hi, I am finally getting around to friending you. D: I fail at doing things in a timely manner.
I AM  YOUR WIFE!eckerlilas on May 4th, 2008 03:05 am (UTC)
Oh no worries! Better late than never! Also, I could've totally come and friended you first!