I AM YOUR WIFE! (eckerlilas) wrote,

420 you say?

Okay, so y'all that have known me for a long time know that I go to a lot of shows and take so many pictures. Y'all also know that I always have the best intentions to post about those shows with awesome recaps of fangirl shenanigans and show details and photos and....you get the idea.

Well, I'm so far behind on recaps and pic posts that I feel like I haven't done one in YEARS. So I'm going to start now and I'm even going to go backwards in time on you! I'm going to start with last night's HCT in Houston and work my way back. I hope you can deal with posts about last summer's HCT and pretty much every FOB show that happened after January 2007. And ummm, Gym Class, MCR, TAI, Cobra/The Cab/Metro Station, blah blah....so many shows. I barely make the time to go to shows, so by the time I get home I DON'T have time to post about them! I'm going to really truly work on that problem.

Do you even want to see these posts that are about concerts I went to LAST YEAR? I want to post about them, but I'm curious to know if I'm going to be annoying the hell out of you guys with these incredibly late concert posts. I might not keep to the backwards timeline either. The story will follow better if I go way back and keep my FOB ones in order from oldest to most recent.

Expect a post from me tomorrow with stories and buttloads of pictures from the Houston HCT show. It was AMAZING. Fun fangirl times and breathless concerting and Shane Valdes(z) and....yeah. I keep going off on tangents. I was going to post the recap tonight but photobucket hates me, apparently. I'm almost done uploading all of the pics and videos, and I will get them posted tomorrow!

I love my Texas fangirl shenanigans. And we get to do it again in SEVEN DAYS! MCR in Austin is going to be amazing. Anybody that wants to come hang at my house Sunday night before we roadtrip to Austin is more than welcome! We're gonna have fangirling and DVD watching and just general awesometimes. Baby Spencer will also be here, so you don't want to miss that! <3

Goodnight, loves. I'm quite literally falling asleep at the computer. I got some awesome pics last night. Come back and see them!

Oh and if we haven't friended each other and we've met at a show recently, we need to fix that problem!


ETA - Is 341 images too many for one LJ entry? Because that's how many pictures I took last night :)

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