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12 April 2008 @ 11:52 am
I just want everyone to know....  
That I'm dealing with a huge familiy crisis right now. I need your love and support now more than ever. ♥ I appreciate each and every one of you, more than I can possibly tell you. Thank you thousandjulys for listening to me yesterday. I'm sorry to have dumped that on you. I truly am. It was good to hear your voice and have someone with me in that moment.

On happier notes, I'm turning 31 on Monday and I have two new tattoos. Fall Out Boy lyrics, if you can believe that!

I promise that I'll be around more as soon as possible. I'm going to HCT Houston and Austin and MCR in Austin, as well as some of the May shows of extreme awesome (aka The Cab and Metro Station).

Link me to anything happy and/or important that I've been missing. And text me. TEXT ME.

I miss everyone.

can't get there from here: kissromanticalgirl on April 12th, 2008 05:05 pm (UTC)
I shall think good thoughts in a Texas-y direction!
Buffay the Vampyre Layer: Frasier | Frasier/Roz | Never let go.guest_age on April 12th, 2008 05:12 pm (UTC)
I hope everything is okay. *hugs*
Lennon: Spence hearts you (to your face)forevernew on April 12th, 2008 05:14 pm (UTC)
*hugs and hugs!*
the fiction in your jeansclumsygyrl on April 12th, 2008 05:31 pm (UTC)
oh. honey. *hugshugshugs*
Kmousie: Ev smilekmousie on April 12th, 2008 05:33 pm (UTC)
*hugs* Love you so. Call or text me any time, and I'm sending tons of prayers your way.

Tell me more about your tattoos!
natacup82 on April 12th, 2008 05:58 pm (UTC)
I'll be sending all my good thoughts your way! *hugs*
(Deleted comment)
Eleanor Lavisheleanor_lavish on April 12th, 2008 06:00 pm (UTC)
Oh honey! I love you, and Sky and I are here for you, whatever you need! Even if its just to bitch at, or lean on, or distract you with talk of Mason Musso getting fucked by Alex Suarez in the back of a bus!
LOUDER THAN GOD'S REVOLVER AND TWICE AS SPARKLY: to get away with it.violin_road on April 12th, 2008 06:47 pm (UTC)

And I know we don't know each other all that well, but if you ever need another ear, I am a pretty good listener! I will probably make dumb jokes but they will be about how you are excellent! ♥

Also, when your life settles down [and also they stop peeling], you def need to post pictures of your new tattoos :D
mercurybard on April 12th, 2008 07:19 pm (UTC)

Call me if you need someone to listen. I'm good at that.
Adriana: bobnfrankie//fifth_periodtonguemastaofjc on April 12th, 2008 08:30 pm (UTC)
Love and suppport and HUGS.. :D

I want to see these tattoos that you speak of.. I love BANDOM art.

Oh really your going to be in Austin for MCR.. OH MY GOSH ME TOO!! Front row? you? front row? me? YES! ha! that's the plan of course..
Lexcanadiankracka on April 12th, 2008 09:21 pm (UTC)
*snuggles* love you
nikibeenikibee on April 13th, 2008 02:55 am (UTC)

Happy Early Birthday!!

And I would text you if I knew your phone number. Private message me with it.
ragdoll246ragdoll246 on April 13th, 2008 03:42 am (UTC)
hey girl! *hugs and kisses* i hope whatever you are going through will be ok soon <33 thinking of you
Patrickpurplejamish on April 13th, 2008 01:45 pm (UTC)
I am here, for whatever you need. You want cuddles? I got cuddles. You know my email if you want to talk, or poke me for love, or something. *gathers you up and snuggles mightily* ♥ ♥ ♥
a good timemuse_misery on April 19th, 2008 05:57 am (UTC)
Hey there!

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Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you there!

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