I AM YOUR WIFE! (eckerlilas) wrote,

Stop Asking and Keep Dancing

* Spencer's first birthday party was amazing. There were 47,000 people there (I'm rounding UP), and he received so many toys and an entirely new wardrobe's worth of clothing. I'll post pics, I promise.

* I haven't posted the promised "Spencer's year in pictures" yet because the flashdrive they live on is currently residing at my cousin's house. Failboats Shonna. When I get the drive back I'll post RIGHT AWAY. That should be tomorrow night if we go to dinner with Alyssa and Reya as planned.

* Speaking of failboats, thanks for nearly killing my friends, Oklahoma. Tornados, hail??!? WTF DUDE.

* Spencer has that awesome new playroom I told everyone about. He's taken over our den most successfully. He played in there this afternoon all by himself like a big boy for about an hour and a half while I did stuff around the house. At one point it became eerily quiet in the room...so I poked my head in to check on him. He'd TURNED OFF THE TV and decided to take a little nap on his pallet! He's such a big boy now! Who knew?

* My 31st birthday is in about 2 weeks. FICS FOR ME, YES? You see, when I turned 30 it was slightly (READ: VERY) overshadowed by the fact that I'd just given birth to little Mr. Spencerface. Now, I don't actually CARE, and he's totally more important than me. HOWEVER, I love fic, and I want nothing more than for anyone that is so inclined to write fic for me!

Here's what I like, just in case you're, you know, interested in fulfulling my one and only birthday wish:

I love just about any pairing involving FOB, P!ATD, The Cab, TAI, GCH, AAR, Good Charlotte, etc etc., in-band or inter-band. I don't just read bandom either: I love Sports Night Fic and Marauder Era HP fic. I DON'T really go for established relationship fic. I'm a BIG FAN of falling in love, first kisses, first times, sudden OMG realizations and proclamations. Yeah, I'm a total sucker for the smoosh. And OMG bestfriendlove fic and pre-band or jailbait fic is A-Okay with me! ♥ And frottage too, I LOVE FROTTAGE!

As much as I love the smoosh, I've been into lots of kink fic lately, too. Dirty hot fighting SEXFIC; angry kissing and biting and grinding is SO HOT. I'm all for just about any kink you can throw my way. Make it dirty, I can handle it.

Ahem. Anyway, WRITE ME FIC FOR MY BIRTHDAY! I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER! I'll love you forever anyway, but pretend you didn't know that.

* Fall Out Boy in San Antonio on Friday! FOR FREE! I cannot wait.

* I think that's it. I just wanted to make another star bullet thingy.

Now it's time for grilled burgers and hot dogs and an early season Astros game.

Tags: baby spencer, i love fob, i'm not above begging

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