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20 March 2008 @ 09:33 pm
I find it amusing  
That I haven't posted in about five bazillion days...and then I choose to make a lamo post about two and half hours before the content strike. Ahahaha, oh Shonna, you are full of WIN.

I have had so much going on in my life since I last posted. I'm sorry I disappear for random weeks at a time, y'all. My life, IT IS CRAZY SOMETIMES. I'm always here and I'm always checking my flist. I'm going to try to get better with this posting thing. Trust me, I WANT to post more. I open up a new page and type a few things, and then I get distracted by something shiny or, you know, Baby Spencer, and promptly fail at posting anything ever at all.

I hope you love me anyway.

I spent the day cleaning and setting up the den for Spencer. It is now officially his amazingly awesome playroom! You guys would totally be jealous. Everyone will want a playroom as big as this one.

In conclusion, Spencer will be one year old in SEVEN DAYS. How un-freaking-believable is that?

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Kerryblaze: Life is Good - Coffeekerryblaze on March 21st, 2008 02:54 am (UTC)
My mom is here with me and I was telling her about going to Portus in July and we were talking about when I went to Lumos and she asked, "How's that girl who was pregnant?" So I showed her Spencer and she's in love!! And I showed her your picture and she said that he looks just like you!
I AM  YOUR WIFE!eckerlilas on March 21st, 2008 03:07 am (UTC)
Awwws, Mom remembered me! She's so sweet, tell her thanks! He's the love of my life. William totally had to move over when Spencer camed into being.

Ahahaha! ♥

(Deleted comment)
I AM  YOUR WIFE!eckerlilas on March 21st, 2008 03:07 am (UTC)
I KNEW you would!!!!!!!

nikibeenikibee on March 21st, 2008 03:03 am (UTC)
The strike actually started 3 hours ago. It was starting at midnight GMT not midnight local time.

And I totally understand being suddenly deluged with real life stuff and having no time for lj. How IS Spencer?? I can't believe these babies are nearly a year old!! Jayden will be a year in 2 weeks. Speaking of Jayden, he is going to have a baby brother or sister in September!!
I AM  YOUR WIFE!eckerlilas on March 21st, 2008 03:09 am (UTC)
See, shows you how closely I've been paying attention.

Spencer is WONDERFUL! He's still so wee and tiny! Yes, and we are planning a crazy big birthday party for him! I'll have bunches of pictures to share, I'm sure! Our boys are getting SO BIG.

OMG, wow! Another cutie to fawn over, eh?

kylieq on March 21st, 2008 03:15 am (UTC)
How's the party preparation going?

I kind of want a playroom, in which I can COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY IGNORE ADULTHOOD, ugh.

Oh my god Goodbye Blues!!!! I looooooooove it. Pretty. Odd.!! I liiiiiiiiike it. People Magazine also liiiiiiked it - it was their critic's choice this week.
mercurybard on March 21st, 2008 06:02 am (UTC)
Goodbye Blues...I am in love.

Pretty. Odd....not so much.

I want a playroom as big as Baby Spencer's! I have a houseful of stuff crammed into my bedroom, a couple of dressers in the dining room, and out in the garage. Being a grown up sucks.

Any word on whether you can go to OKC?
the fiction in your jeansclumsygyrl on March 21st, 2008 12:40 pm (UTC)
phoebesmum: Drunkhugphoebesmum on March 21st, 2008 01:34 pm (UTC)
Happy almost-birthday, baby Spencer! And happy not-quite-one-year-as-a-mother, or about-20-odd-months-as-a-mother-if-you-count-inside-time-and-I-have-done-my-maths-right to you.

Tired, now.

Also, perhaps 'drunkhug' not best icon to use, as do not wish to expose Baby to Bad Influences. Ah, well.
Buffay the Vampyre Layerguest_age on March 21st, 2008 03:20 pm (UTC)
Holy crackers! That is just not possible!

How is he almost a year old?

How is he growing so quickly?

And, most importantly, how is he so adorable?