I AM YOUR WIFE! (eckerlilas) wrote,

Is this REALLY my life?

This is a conversation I just had with Chris Gutierrez. Yes, my friends, this is my life. Complete with a giggling Mitch and an unbelieving Jenny by my side.



eckerlilas99 (11:49:08 AM): is this weekend still bad for you to have pizza with a few lurkers? we'd love to see you and we're HERE in town
Chris (12:01:37 PM): When do you leave?
eckerlilas99 (12:03:21 PM): our flight leaves sunday around 2
eckerlilas99 (12:04:57 PM): and we are seeing Rent tonight at 8...otherwise we are good to go
Chris (12:05:20 PM): Where are you guys staying?
eckerlilas99 (12:05:36 PM): Hampton Inn Majestic
Chris (12:05:58 PM): Is that downtown?
eckerlilas99 (12:06:05 PM): yes
eckerlilas99 (12:11:16 PM): theatre district
Chris (12:17:14 PM): I might be able to meet you guys around michigan ave downtown around 630ish, would that work?
Chris (12:17:24 PM): I have an appt at 5 then at 8 as well
eckerlilas99 (12:19:04 PM): tell us where and we'll be there. but if you're too busy and just humoring us we totally understand
Chris (12:20:49 PM): Well I am busy but I can make some time for some coffee
Chris (12:21:00 PM): Its no pizza but I could swing it
eckerlilas99 (12:21:31 PM): sounds good to us. like i said, tell us where and we'll be there
Chris (12:35:11 PM): Starbucks
eckerlilas99 (12:35:42 PM): cool. we'll see you at 6:30
Chris went idle at 12:37:09 PM.
Chris returned at 12:37:19 PM.
Chris (12:41:48 PM): Word

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)


All I really have to say is...

Tags: chicago what?

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