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Good morning sunshines! It is 8:41 am and I'm on my tummy in our hotel room in Chicago! My roomies (aka Jenny & Mitch) are still snoozing away, because normal people who go to bed at 3am don't actually wake up at 7:30am, unable to fall back asleep. Alas, I am far from normal.

Chicago is so amazing. FREEZING, but purely wonderful otherwise.

Want the lowdown on the happenings so far?

I met Jenny at the airport in Houston and we engaged in great amounts of contained squee all the way to Chicago. As we got closer you could see snow on the ground and it still really wasn't registering that we were heading to Chicago. We kept glancing and one another and whispering "We're going to Chicago", like neither of us could believe it. Hee!

One of our phrases of the weekend is "OMG, we're in Chicago."; another is "We're from the internet." Yeah. <3

Jen and I arrived around 3pm yesterday and took the L downtown to the Hampton Inn Majestic, which is completely the best. We don't have much view from the 15th floor, I mean, other than to totally creep on that dude in the office building across the street. But if you stand up in the window you can totally see people on the sidewalk! Ahaha. Jersey Boys is showing next door, in the adjoining theatre! We'll be seeing Rent tonight though, so I'm not too sad we don't have tickets to Jersey Boys.

Last night, once Mitch arrived safe and sound, we took the subway to meet up with Jori at the 11th City Diner! Many fun times were had. APPARENTLY I have a Southern/Texas accent! Who knew? :D

After munching we went next door to Columbia University's Masque, which was so much entertainment. People were dressed up in an array of costumes and outfits, complete with masks of the wearable and painted-on variety! We drank Shirley Temples and danced and watched a King and Queen be crowned! FUNTIMES!

Then we walked AGAIN in the freezing and took another subway ride, this time with Jori in tow, to Jori's friends' apartment. Hanging with fun new people, playing with an amazing kitten ensued.

We are seriously knackered at this point, so Jenny, Mitch and I head back to the hotel. Of course we get back and immediately hit our laptops. FREE INTERNET, WHAT?

Today we are going to try to do and see so much of this city. I cannot wait!

Hey kids, how's your weekend so far?
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