I AM YOUR WIFE! (eckerlilas) wrote,

I'm hangin' with Travie tonight, y'all!

Carlie and I (and Jen if she is feeling better today) will be seeing Travis McCoy at a weird little upscale biker bar tonight in Houston. Go check out Crome Lounge if you wanna come with. Apparently he's going to DJ at this bar and we are NOT going to miss the opportunity to check that out. I've always felt a little left out, since I'm not in NYC and never get to see these guys unless they are on tour. I'm gonna get all dolled up for the occasion(a dress, omg what?!)!  

I cannot wait to see what we'll look like in pictures together. In the only pic I have of the two of us he is sitting at a signing table. I'm just picturing the awesomeness that is 5foot me and 6'5 him.  XD

Let me know if you are coming so we can make sure to meet up and say hi and hang out and all that! Comment on this entry if you think you might come!

This weekend we are seeing my new favorite little band Karate High School again. Saturday night at Java Jazz if anyone is interested. 

Have a great day, my lovely friends!

PS - I STILL need a coat for Chicago. Dammit, I'm gonna freeze my tatas off!


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