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Hi guys *hides*

I promise I'm not dead. I'm just sososo busy and life is super crazy. I wish I had more time to be around here. As it is how I just bookmark or tab open pages I want to read and I NEVER post (I'm sure you know that by ummmm, my severe lack of posts).

I've been to concerts (TAI, FOB twice), met said bands, ummm, Spencer is getting big and doing so many new things....and I don't have the energy to post about any of it. *sigh* I'm sorry I lose at posting and being a mommy and working and GAH, I suck.

I'm gonna try to change that this weekend. I'm seeing my cousin Daniel's band tomorrow night at Fuel in Humble. He's precious, and the lead singer/guitarist of his band Second String Rivals. So that should be fun. Then Saturday I'm going to an FFA auction during the day, but I'll be home all evening long. Maybe you'll get a nice post out of me. Hopefully. YES.

And I'll post my wishlist this weekend too. So...YAY HOLIDAYS!

Also, I MIGHT be going to YWT in Las Vegas. So keep your fingers crossed that I get a babysitter willing to keep Spencer overnight!!!

That's it for now. Oh OKAY....I should at least leave you with some fun new Spencerness:

* He has FOUR teeth now! the two little bottom ones and the little top ones in the front. So cute! OMG!

* He's crawling everywhere, but he does that one knee one foot thing (that apparently 26% of babies do). I can't walk away from the little goober for more than like 3 seconds! He's everywhere. Just imagine when he starts walking!

* We took his Christmas pictures last week. We'll be putting one on our Christmas card this year, so when I make my wishlist post I'll be asking for addresses too. Anybody who wants a card from me please respond to that post with your address, even if I already have it! Watch for that post on Saturday probably.

* He's starting to eat "big boy" food now. And he's trying to use his fingers to feed himself. It's so cute, seriously. Can y'all believe he's almost 8 months old already!?!?

* And dude, he's getting into that stage where he gets SO SAD when he sees me leave the room! He pouts his little lip out, even if his daddy or my mom is holding him! Saddest face EVER! OMG.

That's all I have for now. Tune in this weekend for a wishlist, card address request, and hopefully some exciting Shonna-style concert reports!


I love you guys. I read your journals every day! I promise you that. EVERY DAY.

Goodnight loves. I'm off to get a little sleep while my little lovey sleeps. Smart cookie, that's me! Ahahaha

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