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Concerts ahoy!

The Academy Is today with Carlie and then later sixwhitelies. YAY for that. The kids can't go because it's a school night. Mind you, their dad said yes when I bought the tickets, then NO about two days ago. I'm thinking they did something teenager-like and generally bad because he usually doesn't do things like that.

We have M&G, which is awesome because I've never met these guys. But it sucks minorly because it means we won't have barrier unless I act like a crazy pit chick....which I can totally do, and don't you forget it! *wink*

I wish sixwhitelies could be here with us all day. Ah well, stupid work and school get in the way of important concert times! I'm just really sorry and super sad that I couldn't be at the show last night in San Antonio!

Okay, off to get dressed. Spencer's Gigi (aka my mom) is the greatest, did you guys know that?


PS - If anyone is in town or close enough and wants to come to this show I have a spare ticket, since Alyssa won't be coming. Jen is using the other one, so I have ONE EXTRA! Come find me in line and we'll have a good ole time!
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