I AM YOUR WIFE! (eckerlilas) wrote,

Is anyone else amused by the fact....

...that I won M&G for with Fall Out Boy in Austin and I STILL HAVEN'T posted about my M&G from the HCT?!?!? Ahahaha, I lose at long awesome story posts these days.

I really have to post about that before BEFORE the Austin show. I'm gonna totally shun MYSELF otherwise. Sheesh.

But dude. DUDE!!! That'll be three M&G's with Fall Out Boy this year. Three M&Gs on three different tours. First pregnant, then with pics of Baby Spencer...and now what's my awesome story? Oooh, I have no idea.

I've been sick. I started feeling yucky on Friday. I think I have a cold plus some pretty annoying allergies. So not so yay there. Mom let Spencer stay with her last night though so I could take serious drugs and sleep it all off. Mom is awesome.

I saw a new favorite band again Friday night though. Because clearly sickness does not keep me from attending concerts. Psh. As if. Karate High School is the name of the band. You should check them out. They are totally rad! :P AMAZINGamazingAMAZING stage show. So interactive with the crowd. And this time I actually knew some songs and dude, they loved me for it! Ahaha. The lead singer apparently loves me! He tends to sing directly into my face and plays with my hair and is generally adorable. At one point he jumped into the crowd and sat down against the barrier on the floor. He called us all down to sit with him (probably 50 of us in the room) and said he just wanted to bond with the crowd. So cute. The guitarists let people in the front row strum their guitars. Just generally an all around fun band. Good times.

Okay, I'm off to bed. Dude, I get to meet Fall Out Boy AGAIN. How is this even possible?

PS - Baby Spencer hates the car. Well, specifically he hates his car seat. We call it the "Cry Seat". I've discovered that the only way to calm him down is to play various P!ATD and FOB ringtones for him on my phone. He immediately calms. I've tried other bands, but none of them work like those two. Coincidence or womb/mommy-influence? You decide.

Tags: m&g, shonna loses at posting

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