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So....what the hell is up?

I don't check my flist for like, ONE WHOLE DAY, and I come back this morning to major confusion.

What is this bandom wank that is going on right now? I'm so lost. Please to be keeping me informed.

And on a lighter note, tell me good things happening with y'all. I wanna hear it all.

We bought a pair of those snazzy washer/dryers yesterday. You know the ones you can stack on top of each other. I'm so excited about them that I think I'm totally going to post pics! Ahaha. Shut up, you love me.

Spencer is sleeping, must get some work done.

PS - I TOTES FORGOT TO TELL YOU GUYS - over the weekend he was super-duper cranky...know why? He officially has two itty bitty teeth poking through on the bottom now. I'd show you a picture but every time I put my hand near his mouth he tries to eat it. Ahahahaha! <3

PPS - I have my tickets to FOB in Austin and I bought 2 for Grand Prairie, but I'm sure I won't go to that one. I'm sick, that's what I am. I buy tickets for shows that I'm pretty sure I won't use. *crosses fingers* I'm hoping for M&G for the Austin show and I'm fairly certain I'll have early entry. Let's all hope. OMG, can you imagine how awesome it would be if I get to meet the band 3 times this year!?!?

Tags: baby spencer, concerts, wank

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