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27 August 2007 @ 11:14 am
I'm so OVER being a chick.

I just thought y'all would like to know that.
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mercurybard on August 27th, 2007 04:20 pm (UTC)
Yeah, same here, but the universe doesn't seem to pay much attention to that.
I AM  YOUR WIFE!eckerlilas on August 27th, 2007 04:37 pm (UTC)
Yeah, somehow it cosmically doesn't care.

I mean, I've had my precious baby, why do I need to be a girl now? Psh
Racho: bored of your lifekill_i_oughtta on August 27th, 2007 04:47 pm (UTC)
I've always secretly wished to be a boy. :/ haha for serious, it wouldn't be so bad, right?
I AM  YOUR WIFE!eckerlilas on August 27th, 2007 04:50 pm (UTC)

People with dicks have to have it easier than we do. PERIOD.
natacup82 on August 27th, 2007 06:25 pm (UTC)
I've agreed with that since I was 13 and realised I'd be praying to the porcelain gods and/or curled in a fetal position once a month for the rest of my life.

Also Hi! This is my first time commenting here.
I AM  YOUR WIFE!eckerlilas on August 27th, 2007 07:21 pm (UTC)
Yes, I too was 13 when I discovered my desire to be male for certain reasons that don't need to be named.

HI! I'm sure that you've noticed that I post a great deal about my child and a great deal about bands and whatnot...and very little else. Except for the occasional real life ramble....I'm good at those too.

Kmousie: Smirk by laura4ladkmousie on August 27th, 2007 06:53 pm (UTC)
My mom and I have often discussed the fundamental design flaw of the female reproductive system. Of course, now she's dealing with an entirely different and far-more-unpleasant aspect of it, so I'm not going to complain too much. She's doing awesomely well, at least.
I AM  YOUR WIFE!eckerlilas on August 27th, 2007 07:23 pm (UTC)
First of all...HI! I've missed you. I'm sorry I'm a horrible busy friend.

I do hope your mom is doing well. I pray about her when I go to bed at night.

And yes, there's definitely a design flaw at work here. I mean, it works fine and usually does it's job, but do we have to have all of these side effects? I just don't see the point.
Kmousie: Adam and Bradkmousie on August 27th, 2007 08:15 pm (UTC)
You're not a horrible friend! You are busy, no doubt, but I never wonder about how much you love me. ♥

Mom says she feels so good that she'd do back-handsprings if she knew how. She and I are both confident that it's because of the prayers. So thanks!
Annika: P!ATD: Ryan tucks his hairbruisesonguitar on August 28th, 2007 02:45 am (UTC)
*hugs you tight*

Yeah. Me too.

Is it weird that the girliest icon I have is Ryan Ross?

I AM  YOUR WIFE!eckerlilas on August 28th, 2007 03:50 am (UTC)
*loves the hugging* I needed that. This is one of those nights that it really sucks that my hubby works the 10pm to 6am shift. I could really use some cuddles.

Not really weird....just about right I'd guess.
Annikabruisesonguitar on August 28th, 2007 04:35 am (UTC)
*cuddles you a whole lot more*

I love you!! ♥♥♥