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A slightly abbreviated glimpse into my GCH concert experience

Eventually I might actually post all of the pictures from this show. For now you get

The GCH concert: how awesome was it to meet and hang around with Matt and Disashi before the show? Pretty damn cool. They were sweet and funny and ready to take a picture with me practically before I asked them. (y'all have already seen this but it's cute so you get to look at it again!)

PS - Matt is so ADORABLY SWEET!. I'd only given birth 10 days previous to this show. Matt was amazed. Disashi wanted to know why I didn't bring Spencer along. The look that Matt gave Disashi when he asked me was effing priceless.

I took five zillion pictures at this show. Here are a few:

The dude from P.O.S. This man is a tough rapper *cough* sweetheart *cough* I have photographic evidence later.

Cute Asian boy from the Rx Bandits. He could thrash on the guitar like nobody's business. Apparently his name is Steve Choi. More evidence of his cute boy status later.

Vaginas. Apparently Travie loves them.

Not to be confused with the ever popular HEART

I have so many pictures of Travis from this concert. I'll sift through and post the really good ones later.

Awww Eric! Yeah, he's totally flipping off some chick who was hanging in front of the barrier. *shrugs* It was pretty cute, so I took a picture.

And this is how up close and personal I got to be with Travie at one point. "Hey Trav. How are you? Nice shirt. Hmm, sweaty. Here, let me put my hand there. Thanks." ♥

OH Meet and Greet. YAY! We weren't supposed to take pictures with the band..but they didn't tell us that until AFTER we'd done so with Travis. So HA!

Hey Eric! Sashi!

Hey Matt! And Eric sneaking in the pic! Here Matt looks up and says "Hey, I remember you! I'm going to write you a special congratulations" OR something like that. Then he proceeds to write me the cutest message on my setlist EVER. And you know what Shonna does? She LOSES THE EFFING PAPER. Yeah, somewhere between the merch table and my car I LOST IT. I cried. No really, I cried. :( My cousin gave me hers, but it just isn't the same. I guess at least I still have the memory of the experience. *sigh*

Between losing my signed setlist and getting to the car we run into:

Cute Asian boy aka Steve Choi. He was adorable and stopped to hang with and pose for pictures with all four of us.

Then we get downstairs, still trying to get to the car, and we run into the badass rapper from P.O.S. Yeah, turns out he's ADORABLE! And from Minnesota. I loved him. My cousin Carlie tells him, while pointing at me "She just had a baby 10 days ago!" Hahaha! Oh Carlie. We all talk a bit and ask him for pictures. He calls ME adorable and then grabs me up and puts his head on mine and this is what we get:

We finally make it to the car and head out! The end of my slightly shortened concert recap. It is mostly shortened in that I didn't post even close to all of the pictures. Not even CLOSE. Hahaha.

And for those of you who don't care about the concert...

Tune back in soon for pictures and stories from my birthday MCR concert featuring a great deal of cold, wind and sand in line, boxing in the parking lot and the groping of one Frank Iero.

More pics of Spencer too. As always.

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