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I've been up since 4:45am

Apparently Spencer thinks that's an awesome time to rise. You know, 2-3 hours before the sun. Psh.

I already love baby Spencer's pediatrician. He's ironic and funny, in a straight-faced, serious way. I think that's awesome. And his waiting room is decorated like a jungle, with lions and frogs on the walls, and butterflies hanging from the ceiling. His nurse looked at me and said "you have a tiny belly" and looked at my mom and said "and a nice-looking mama". Like I said, I love this place already, and this was just my "new mommy consultation. <3

The babydoc appointment was good. I'm still in a holding pattern, though. My cervix hasn't changed and I haven't started dilating. But my fluid levels are still holding strong at 12+, so baby Spencer is continuing to move around like a little madman. All is well. I'm officially 39 weeks today....so next Thursday is my projected due date. I have another scheduled appointment with my babydoc next Wednesday at 2:15pm....but we'll see if I last that long. I'm kind of hoping that he decides to come this weekend. It could be at any point these days, and I'm just feeling more ready with every passing moment.

It's weird living in a house with so much baby stuff...and still no baby. I mean he's here, but he isn't HERE. I think he just bumped me for saying that. LMAO

I have a bazillion checks to write today for work. We're getting a huge grant payment in today or tomorrow, and I'd like to have all of the corresponding payments out and ready as soon as the check arrives. Yeah, I work on a tightwire sometimes. It feels even more like a balancing act, what with the baby coming and time now. But I'm handling it. And I'm really looking forward to a summer with a slow work schedule...especially since I'll have a little one around to enjoy.

And just so everyone knows...once the first weeks get by, I want EVERYONE to come see me. Seriously, call me up...text me...email me...damn it respond here....TELL me "yes, Shonna, we're coming to Galena Park to see you and Spencer. Definitely." I'd love that more than you know. Look at me being all demanding. <3 Hey, I'm always traveling to see people...now come see ME and my little one! :P (well, if you can manage).

Okay, worktime!

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