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Baby Spencer's Room!

Yay, more baby picspam! :P

I finally took pictures of the baby's room so everyone could get a looksee:

Dad made all the furniture! He's amazing, seriously.

Keep in mind this room is quite tiny. Possibly 10x10, I'm thinking. So it was a bit difficult to get good angles for photos. I tried.

View from the doorway.

Baby Bed - Made by Dad

Another angle on the bed

See the stuff that already says Spencer on it? One of my cousins had an entire set made: a blanket, receiving blankets, burp cloths, the works.
Armoire (also made by Dad)

Armoire open - look at all those clothes he already has!

See the green on the insides of the doors? Dad painted them with chalkboard paint so that when Spencer is bigger he can draw on them if he wants do. How awesome is my dad?

Changing table/dresser (ALSO made my Dad - are we seeing a pattern here?)

Top drawer of dresser - I told you this boy already has so much. Yet, I imagine he'll grow out of everything before we know it! (yes, see the homemade onesie to the left?!?, courtesy of my cousin Carlie)

Awww, shoesies!

Play-yard/portacrib - this won't stay in his room, but we didn't have anywhere better to put it for the time being.

Back of the door

Cute shelves with keepsakes

Oh yeah, the wall over the window looks like this!

And remember the digital frame William bought me for Valentine's Day? Well, we're going to keep it in the baby's room and just put photos of him and his visitors and such on it. It's sitting on top of the armoire.

This is the funniest thing I've ever seen in my LIFE!

And here's Mommy-to-be", aka me, with a few of the cutsey things he's already gotten:

Baby socks are SO TINY!

BOOTS! Soft boots for newborns! Hahahahaha!

HOMG, they do indeed make Nike booties for newborn babies. You'd have to see them to believe it. Dude, I wouldn't have paid for them.

I didn't take pictures of them, but he also received Ralph Lauren/Polo onesies. Crazyness.

Tell me if there's anything else you want to see! I'll take a picture of it and post it up!

I'm feeling good, my feet/ankles still swell and I get really tired, but I actually feel pretty awesome generally. I can't complain, that's for sure!
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