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OMG I'm really having a baby!


Okay, now that I've taken care of that bit, on to the real update.

Mom and I are heading out in about an hour to have lunch with my friend Carrie and her mom. After, we'll head back here to the house where they'll help me sort my baby stuff, put it all away, and decorate the NURSERY! HOMG. Yeah, surreal, I'm telling you.

I'll post pictures of that this evening if I have the energy to snap photos and click the mouse.

I get tired girls, seriously. Last night I vaccummed and thought my lower back was going to fall off of my body. Yes, apparently this is possible. Or at least in theory. I just get achy, and I'm really not used to that. I know I'm carrying extra weight in the form of babyness in my frontal region, but dayum, this is hard to deal with. (waa waa, Shonna, get over it).

Also, baby Spencer likes to punch and kick me in the ribs. No really, he does. I have my last ultrasound next Wednesday and I fully expect to see this kid wearing boxing gloves, or at the very least dressed like a UFC fighter. Now that would be something.

Alright, enough of me. Off to the showers!

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