I AM YOUR WIFE! (eckerlilas) wrote,

Crowds are won and lost and won again but our hearts beat for the diehards

I just keep going days and days without updating. Sorry about that y'all.

I only have a few minutes before I need to get showered and head to my baby doctor appointment. It's crazy, having to go to the doctor every two weeks. Apparently I'll be going every week pretty soon. Unreal. Yeah, with all this spare time I have. Psh.

We had my HUMONGOUS baby shower on Sunday. I'll post pics later. You will not believe how many people were there and how much stuff they bought for Spencer. Seriously, this baby is loved y'all. <3

I bought tickets to the FOB show here at the Woodlands and for the show in San Antonio. YAY! sixwhitelies and I are going to have a blast. And she'll get to meet my cousin Carlie! I just keep bringing that crazy blonde chick everywhere I go! By then I'll have a one month old baby! HOMG. That's completely insane.

Carlie and I are going to the Supercross this weekend. The guys are going to Caldwell to hunt and fish and sleep outside on the ground (manly things, I'm sure), while Carlie and I watch boys ride dirtbikes indoors. Heh.

We might possibly see a movie this weekend too. Something emotional and awesome that William won't go see. Maybe I'll ask Mom if she wants to go too.

I'll try to post again when I get back from the baby doctor. *cross your fingers* We're supposed to schedule my last ultrasound. That should provide for some awesome pic posting soon!

*hugs* I love each and every one of you!



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