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Doggies galore

I was having a discussion with skoosiepants about dogs, and decided that I would just post pics of them up here. I mean, since I am in some sort of pic posting mood today, obviously.

This is Danny. He's a pitbull mix. He is a lover, not a fighter. Biggest lump of sugar I have ever known. BTW, he think's he's a tiny lapdog, not the 55 pound mutt that he really is.

This is Sandy. She was our first dog (together, that is). She was listed as a terrier/chihuahua cross at the SPCA, but who knows. She is also a love...who's a little scared of the camera.

This is Reeci, our chihuahua. She is the resident knucklehead and generally the troublemaker. She is quite capable of doing/getting away with most anything. And she knows it. She likes to pretend she can't do things when she is tired or just wants to be pampered. She is also a love.

Can you tell I love dogs? I love animals of all kinds, and would love to see/hear about yours!

I also have 2 birds (Chipper & Reveille) and a turtle named Studly.

Yeah, it's a zoo.

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