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What a long three days....

Whew, I'm finally home and resting, but not for long.

Mom and I drove to Austin on Friday for my TEA Grants Administration training for nonprofit grantees. Gee, that was a mouthful. The weather was pretty nice all the way there and we made it to the hotel with no problems. Unless you count stopping 5 times during a 3 hour trip - because I'm pregnant and need peepee breaks. :P Oh yeah, and we stopped on the way out of town to try to buy a laptop, because Saturday the boss told me "Shonna, get yourself a laptop on the way out of town." So, we did. And they didn't have the one I wanted ANYWHERE IN HOUSTON. So I call the Fry's in Austin and Steve says "SURE, we have plenty!." So when we get to Austin we head to Fry's and buy Shonna a Sony Vaio. XD YAY!!!

We stayed at the DoubleTree Suites downtown. Talk about pimp. Seriously. We had full living rooms, full kitchens, complete with a stove, dishwasher and apartment fridge, a bedroom with two queen beds, and a huge-ass bathroom. It was nice. ♥

And it helps that the valet/luggage boy was cute. And of course they gave us the warm cookies when we checked in. All hotels should do something like this. It ROCKS. Sunday night we hung in the room and vegged out, and I chatted with girlies on AIM and YIM. Y'all got to see my on my new built in camera on the laptop! CRAZYNESS! (just like JWALK OMG!) ♥

The meetings were long and boring and mostly uneventful, except that I learned so much....like the fact that OMG there are probably 47 different things I need to be doing differently. *sigh* Go figure. But I guess it's better to learn this now than be blind to it and keep going on like a big stupid head. Yeah, I said it.

Monday night Mom and I drove around town a little, and ended up at BabysRUs, where we bought my STROLLER system! It isn't the exact one I wanted, but it's sooo much closer than I could find anywhere around here. Every one I registered for ended up being unavailable or out of stock or something equally as annoying. So we find this one, Mom buys it, and says "it'll be one of your shower presents." Mom, you are the coolest. Then we hung in the room and I chatted it up with some of you girlies on AIM. Thanks for the company, loves. ♥

Today I went to my meeting until noon, and got back to the hotel to find that my boss was literally having some sort of breakdown back in Houston without me around. You know how we just had region competition last weekend (Saturday when I had to work all day long)? Well, there were some results she was having trouble with, so I spent an hour after my training today emailing and figuring scores and sorting schools before we could get on the road home. No worries, I got it all done! This pregnant girl can handle it.

We drove home in the nasty rain today and it took FOREVER! I spent most of the journey on the phone handling issues from the weekend, and resolving most of them.

Now I'm home and ready to rest. I have to be at the baby doctor in the morning at 8am sharp for a 3-hour glucose test...then my actual babydoc appointment. So, I'll be at the doctor pretty much half the day tomorrow.

I hope everyone is doing well!



PS- Spencer kicked like a crazy mad Bruce Lee for the entire trip!

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