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We went to the baby doctor yesterday. I'll have a better update about it later, but Spencer was being quite an obstinate little bugger. Figures, right? He wouldn't keep still, so we didn't get many good pictures, especially of the 3D variety. I'll post what we did get later on. We were at the doctor's office FOREVER. When we finally were able to see the radiologist, he said that they'd had a record number of patients yesterday. No wonder we had time for a nearly naked powow in the ladies waiting room. We were a mixed bunch of pregnant girls, ladies there for breast ultrasounds and bone scans. What a party dude, for real. We did laugh a great deal and talk about children. And there was a woman in the room who was at least 8 months pregnant with twins. HUGE belly I tell you, HEEEYYYOOOOGGEEE!.

I'll tell you a few tidbits. Baby Spencer weighs 15 ounces and is about the length of my hand (which granted, is pretty small...but DUDE, just last month he was only 7 ounces!) The little boy has more than doubled in body weight. Me, I've gained nothing. It's weird, I'm getting this belly but I'm not gaining any weight. I don't get it.

Today is my last day of work before the Thanksgiving holiday. This is one of the major benefits of working around the school system. I get all the major holiday breaks (including a hefty winter break from December 20-Jan 2). No complaints here. And my boss almost always has us take off before those days anyway. I'm so blessed.

I can't wait to see ryogrande in a few weeks. P!ATD better really bring the gay. I know they will.

I still haven't seen Happy Feet. What's wrong with this picture? I MUST see the OOTP trailer on the big screen. MUST!

Okay, off to work. Entertain me with your love. Leave comments, photos, drabbles, if you wish. I'm easy.

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