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Monday, Monday

I am finding that I really to hate Mondays for the most part I think. People often say they hate Mondays without much conviction, but I think I really, honestly do. What a way to ruin a perfectly good weekend if you ask me.

Yes, I am back at work this morning. But I must keep in mind that after this week is my Christmas break! Woohoo! Gotta be excited about that. I am off beginning next week until the first week of January. Oh the perks of working in education. So yeah, I really shouldn't complain.

Shopping was a success. I wore my feet to mere nubs of their former selves, but I got 89.3% of my Christmas shopping done in one day. That is impressive I tell you, IMPRESSIVE! And my mom shopped with me, so anything I wanted I sort of gesticulated toward until she got the picture. And when that tactic didn't work I rambled incoherently about said object until she begrudgingly got the picture:

Me: Gawd I love Sports Night mom, but I haven't seen an episode in ages. Oh look, there's the box set! What a coincidence. Don't you just love that show mom? Oh, you've never seen it? If I had the set I would lend it to you. Oh, scratch that, I would let you watch an episode or two with me...

Mom: Alright Shonna, I get the picture! Now shut up before I strangle you right here in front of God and everybody!

Me: You'd kill me right here at Best Buy?

Mom: Damn straight. (pause) I'll tell your dad you want the DVD set for Christmas.

I am so crafty.
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