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Prepare yourself, oh flisters....for the P!ATD picture post! FINALLY!!!

I just want to start out by saying that I am VERY proud of these pictures. I think they came out great and I'm so excited to share them with you. I worked for great position at the concert and except for the security dude's head, my pics are mostly awesome! HAHA

Please tell me what you think of them and which ones are your favorites. Also, if you'd like to use any of them, for anything at all, please let me know. I really don't mind, I just want to know that you're doing it. And credit for my pictures makes me squee!!! Also, I have much much larger versions of ALL of these pictures, if anyone would like them (on a pic to pic basis - seriously, they are HUGE!).

I'll try to post a full recap of the day and the show later. For now, I think the pictures themselves (with a few comments) will suffice.

We saw The Hush Sound, Ok Go, and Panic! At the Disco at Warehouse Live, June 16th, 2006. (In case you were wondering.) And when I say we, I mean that I went to the show with my cousins Carlie, Alyssa and Mireya. We had a blasty blast! This was Mireya's first concert, EVER! I took Alyssa to Fallout Boy and Green Day. So I broke her in right. XD

♥♥♥ WARNING: If you click on the cuts you will find MANY MANY photos (more than 200). If this is a problem for you and/or your internet "situation", then deal with it accordingly. Now you can't say you haven't been warned. ♥♥♥

The first set of pictures is from the 8 hours we sat out in front of the venue waiting for the show to start. It was very HOT. But that's the price you pay for front row baby.
Here's a pic of all of us. Carlie is on the left. I'm in the middle. Mireya's on the right, and Alyssa in leaning on my lap. ♥

Carlie is a camera whore! :D

Mireya fell asleep at one point. Yes, she is using a water bottle as a pillow.

And we met a great guy who turned out to be stage crew. He hung out with us all day. Then proceeded to write things on us.
Yes, that's Pi....and his email address on Mireya's arm. :D

And check out what he wrote on Carlie's back. I laughed so hard.

We met a cute gay boy named Tyler. He parallel parked my car for me! XD
Here he is with Carlie.

Here's his crotch, and his hip tattoo! ♥

Okay, so they let us in the venue at 6 p.m. We are sweaty and a little weary, but ready for the show. Front row all the way baby.

Here's where Tyler and his friends ended up.

- The Hush Sound puts on an awesome show. I cannot express how much I love Greta. And Bob. And Darren. Okay, and Chris. LMAO. Yeah, you get the idea. Greta and Bob sound so great together.

Hehe, Bob's crotch. This was totally an accident, I SWEAR!

. I will be the first to admit that I didn't know much about Ok Go before this concert. I downloaded a few songs and tried to give them a listen, but not really. I must say, I was impressed with their performance. They are full of energy. Damian is one captivating lead singer. Here, you'll see.

Tim - this dude is a riot!

Andy - Carlie was in lust with Andy. He does switch between the guitar and keyboards. That is pretty hot. ♥

These last shots are of them setting up to do their "Million Ways" dance. I have video of the entire dance. I linked to it a few posts ago. I'll put a link up at the end of this post.

When they lowered the lights for P!ATD's set, the crowd lost their collective minds. I'm so glad I was clinging to the rail. I am proud to say that there was very little crowd surfing, just a lot of smushing and pushing. I can deal with that.

No, I did not take 75 pictures of Brendon Urie. *shifty eyes* I took more! XD

He loves to tangle himself up in the cord. Heh.

This picture is ADORABLE!

Sweaty breaktime. Mmmm...

Another grin! YAY! ♥

The pre-lapdance picture. I don't have any lapdance pictures because I took video of the entire thing. I linked to it in an earlier entry. I'll put up links at the end of this one too.

Amd I have pictures of Brendon featuring Spencer. It is difficult getting good shots of Spence. I did what I could.

This is probably my best shot of Spencer.

Let's take a break from Brendon and focus on Ryan - What more can I say? How about 46 pictures, comin' right up! ♥

Yes, here comes the RyRose vest! ♥♥♥

He stared right at my camera for this one.

What who is he gazing at?

Again with the gazing.

For some reason I really love this next picture.

One last gaze, just for good measure.


This last picture is just HOT.

Here are some random band shots. I was too close to the really get any pics of the entire band all at once. I kind of got one. They are all in it. But I keep getting distracted by wha Ryan and Jon are doing. XD


Jon - He was on the other side of this stage. I had a hard time getting decent photos of him. *is sad*

But I did get a few with Brendon and Jon.

Here's a couple of Shrine, who we met after the show. We talked to this dude for 20 minutes. And he gave Carlie some advice! :D

Yes, I still have MORE! These are pictures of Brendon and Ryan onstage. They did NO MIC SHARING. I was very sad. But here's what I managed to get.

OMG HANDHOLDING! ♥ And smiling!

This concludes the concert portion of the evening. I still have one set of pictures to post.

We dilly-dallied around for a few minutes after the show and met up with our stage crew friend again (Kevin). He came down in front of the pit and gave us guitar picks from the bands. I ended up with one from Ok Go and one of Ryan's! GASP :D Thanks Kev! You are seriously my new best friend!

We left through the front doors (after Carlie bought a few pieces of merch, of course), and out front met Damian from Ok Go (He was very sweet! And TALL!)

...and Darren from The Hushies. He was softspoken and adorable and insisted we all take pictures with him individually!

Then we walked around back to wait for P!ATD. While we were waiting we met Bob from the Hushies. He seemed mellow, but very nice. And we couldn't get the silly boy to smile for the camera. He discussed with us his technique for not getting blinded by camera flashes, though. Okay, he was seriously cute.
I don't know who the random chick is.

Also while waiting for the Panic boys we hung out with Shrine from the Lucent Dossier. He was a really entertaining guy. And when we'd been standing there with him for 20 minutes, he started screaming at Panic's bus "Come out guys! You have fans waiting for you!" Or something to that effect.

Okay, so before the boys come out, some security guys tell us that we won't have time to take individual pics with the guys, just get one thing signed. We can take pictures OF them, but not with them. They are heading out on the road after this to get to their next venue. *sigh* Oh well, no hugging it up with the Panic boys. But I did stay like a lurker after I got my stuff signed. HAHA! I wish we'd had time to talk to them. *double sigh* Check out my pics.

First Jon came through.

He signed Alyssa's arm. She wanted him to sign her water bottle, but he wouldn't! Silly boy!

Next is Ryan.

This is Ryan gazing (again with the gazing) at my ticket. He eventually signs it! Hehe OMG he's a skinny boy!

This is an interesting little picture I caught. Well, just look at it.

Yeah, I was speechless too. And on that note...on to Brendon.
This was taken after he signed my ticket. I just would NOT get out of the way. I'm such a pesky fan! He's reaching over me to get someone's something to sign. Hehe

The following picture has a funny story attached to it. During the show's Intermission, the Lucent Dossier troupe sold polaroids of the boys. Some of them were taken during the show, while others were taken backstage and on the bus and such. So, the boys have never seen them. Well a girl passes her polaroid to him for signing, and apparently he thinks he looks funny in it, because this is the face we got after he looked at the picture. Priceless, I tell you! ♥

OMG last picture! I caught one little picture of Spencer. All I can say is: that boy is adorable (check out that smile!) and DAMN he's gotten skinny!

The only autgraph I didn't get was Spencer's. He got to me and I held my hand out with my ticket in it. He looked at me, looked at the ticket, grabbed my hand and flipped it over...and then sort of frowned all sad-like and said "there's no room for me." Yeah, I died a little. But I was rewarded with the super grin, so all is well with the world.

WHEW! That's it. Oh wait. I took three videos. Here's a link to the post where I linked them originally.

Ummm....I think that's it. I hope you enjoyed this crazy post. It took me like 4 hours to finish! HAHA!

*hugs* I love you all!!!

PS - Once again, if you would like to use any of the photos, that's fine. Just please tell me about it (and please credit me for them!).

Tags: ok go, patd, picspam, the hush sound

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