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Yeah yeah, I know. Sorry, no pictures on this post. I just don't understand why my life is this busy right now. Usually during the summer I am so bored out of my gourd that I am begging for things to do to keep me busy. Right now I don't have a spare hour to upload and post pics from a concert I went to WEEKS ago! UGH!

Wow. Lumos is right around the corner.

I got my hair cut yesterday. Danielle, I completely forgot to take pictures of it before I went. *sigh* Oh well, y'all can pretend remembering what it looked like before.

I'm still in the wedding on Saturday. No, I didn't think I'd be getting out of it our anything that miraculous. Haha, y'all I'm just being weird because I've never been a bridesmaid before. Maybe I'm nervous because I have to wear tall backless heels and I don't want to bust my ass. Or my face. Yeah, way to not worry, Shonna.
Here's a pic of the dress, if anyone is interested. The color is pool, not whatever random color is showing up when you click the link. Yeah, my boobs are way bigger than that chick's. Haha.

I hope I have time to post those pics when I get home today. I feel like such a tease. ♥

I love you. So much. ♥

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