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Oh such grace, oh such beauty, and lipstick and callous and fishnets and malice.

So....yeah. I've been MIA lately. Sorry about that. Actually I have been here, I just haven't posted anything since mid-June I guess. Real life has been pretty busy.

Yes, I do have Panic! At the Disco pictures to share with everyone. That show was AMAZING! Next post should be the massive picture post. To keep everyone happy I will link you all to the videos I took at the show.

The first one is the Ok Go's dance to "A Million Ways". These guys are so awesome. They did their set, cleared the stage of their instruments, and gave us this little encore.
A Million Ways

The second video is sideways. SORRY! I'm a huge goober who didn't think about the fact that it would turn out sideways when I was taping this. *sigh* It's still a great video! Watch Brendon sing part of "There's a Good Reason These Tables are Numbered...". ryogrande notice that he pauses and adds a word to the lyrics. I LOVE the dancing. You will hear my friends and I singing loudly, particularly the silly girl standing next to the mic on my camera. At one point you will hear me exclaim "He is so adorable, I swear!" Yes, that about sums it up.
Brendon is an adorable boy and he exists to dance and sing for our amusement.

The last video is the infamous lapdance. ♥ What more can I say?
Throw that bitch off! Ryan's waiting, stage right.

It just started raining in a very dramatic and Houston sort of way. It's POURING outside, yet I can clearly see the sun shining brightly down the street. *shrugs* I love it here, seriously.

Pics to come soon, I promise.

PS - My boobs look HUGE in the bridesmaid's dress I'm wearing next weekend. Just, FYI. XD

EDIT: Oh yes, and saw a number of local/lesser known national bands last night at Java Jazz, a club that does nothing but show and promote up and coming bands. I'll share pics and stories when my cousin sends them over.

Tell me something good. Or possibly TMI. Whatever.
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