I AM YOUR WIFE! (eckerlilas) wrote,

It's raining chickens and lizards!

Yes my dears, it rained so much overnight that I cannot get my car out of the driveway. It is STILL raining and the news is telling me that it will continue to rain for the next number of hours. Some sort of stalled weather cell or something. The thunder and lightning woke me at 3a.m. and knocked our power out 3 times. Beautiful weather, yes.

So now I'm home and stranded and not sure if the power will stay on long enough to mess around on the computer. But I thought I'd just share while I had the chance.

The boss just called. That knucklehead tried to drive in to work from her side of town! She called to tell me that she received a call from the office telling her to "turn her car around and go back home!" Apparently they aren't letting people off the 610 loop over on that side of town. Nice.

Anyway, I'll quit boring you with my rained-in day.

I'll try to post up my concert pics this afternoon, when I'm sure I won't lose power again.

Talk to me people. I need company.

Tags: rain

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