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There's a reason these tables are numbered...

Yeah, I know it's been forever since I posted anything substantial. I've been around. I've just been lurking like a creeptacular lurker-type person. Hehe, okay probably not so creepy and a little more lazy. I plan to put up a massive post-Panic! At the Disco concert post sometime later tonight or tomorrow. There will be many photos shared. You have been warned.
I had a major blasty-blast at the show. All three bands put on spectacular shows, and were very friendly afterwards.

Is everyone having a tigger-ific day? I certainly hope so. We just got home from building a putting green in Papaw's backyard as a gift for Father's Day. Crazy, right? It's very cool looking actually. It took us forever though because it kept raining on and off all day long. But YAY it's done.

Okay, I'm off to rest a bit and then I'll try to post the concert recap and pics.

Love you all. ♥
Tags: p!atd, putting green

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