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Gratuitous picture post!

Alright, here's a picture-filled post for your viewing pleasure.

I went to the Astros game Friday night in their first of four against the Washington Nationals! It was a great game! Here's the few pictures I managed to capture on my phone. We were sitting in the 7th row along the first baseline.

This picture is of one of the scoreboards at Minute Maid Park (aka, the Juice Box)

This picture is of a few of the players warming up before the game. It's hard to tell (it was my phone, after all), but I saw Berkman, Biggio, Ensberg, Everett *squee* and Ausmus warming up.

This picture is of the pitchers making their way out to the bullpen.

I had a great time at the game, and YES I will take my actual camera next time kmousie, so that I can get better pictures. I went with my brother and two of his best friends, so it was a serious boy-fest. Dude, they crack me up.

Moving on. I went to the Fall Out Boy/All American Rejects/Hawthorne Heights concert this month as well. I think I've said this before, but I was seriously pissed that I didn't bring a camera and everybody else had one (even though we were told we couldn't!)! At any rate, here's what I managed to capture on my phone. These are the only shots that you could even really see.

This man is beautiful. Who am I referring to? Tyson Ritter, lead singer of the All American Rejects, that's who.

The only other decent photos were of Pete Wentz, who continually ran towards the crowd throughout the concert. At one point he dove into the pit right near me, and I was nearly killed by the rush of the crowd. Because of this I managed to fairly well grope his hoodie-covered head. That's something I'll not soon forget. :D

The Haircut!

Long and blah.

Really short with emo bangs *snort* I think it's cute! :P

Here are two picture of me when I was little. I have better ones, but I was showing these to Kaci the other day, and figured you all might as well see how much of a goober I was as a child!

This one is me when I was a little over a year old.

The one is my me with my brother. He was almost 3 and I was almost 5. Man was my hair long!

Okay, these are the last pictures, I swear! This is the little girl my mom babysits. She's been keeping her since she was just weeks old. If you can't tell, we love this child as if she was one of our own. How could we not? Her name is

Allie's 2nd birthday party

Allie, dining out just last week. ♥
This is her "crazy face"

This is her "kissy face"

In this one, I asked her to "look cute"

Lastly, she decided she needed to see the camera on my phone up close and personal.

This child just turned 2 in January, and she is like a teeny prodigy or something. She talks in full sentences, has The Wizard of Oz memorized and acts it out with the voices, and can add and count. Wow.

Thus ends Shonna's gratuitous picture post. I hope you saw something that amused you.

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