April 7th, 2008

My Boys Sept 2012

Random love post...

I love cotton candy. Children of all ages. Steaming mugs of coffee. Coffee shops in general. Carousels. Ferris wheels too. And those tiny roller coasters at fairs that are meant for 5 year olds, but all the "big kids" ride them anyway. Five a.m. discussions about Harry Potter on a sleepy drive home. Fangirl funtimes. Bandom fangirls. THE TEXAS CREW. Lex's Army. Fruit rollups with tongue tattoos. Marker tattoos in Denny's. Babies, most especially my own. Boys in bands. Thinking about one day introducing Spencer to the boys in these bands. Front row for Fall Out Boy. Sneaking M&Gs. THE ROOTS. LUDO!!! Missing AAR (SADFACE) but getting an amazing concert call during Swing, Swing. Concert calls. Thirtizzle. Straight up! Potential fangirl piles for DVD watching in my casa. Ice cream on really cold days. Did I mention THE TEXAS CREW? Lex's Army MEMBERSHIP CARDS. Casting AUs via text/IM/fangirl meetup. PORNFICTION! Listening to Draco and the Malfoys in my car. My friends list. Randon texts of squee. Lunch with new friends. Roadtrips. Scaring the other customers at Denny's at 2am. That bottle of mustard is taller than Marshall! I think our waitress hates us. Getting to do it all again in a few weeks.

Living the dream, baby. IS THIS OUR LIVES? SERIOUSLY?

My birthday is in 7 days. Has it really been another year? Dude.

I'm so sleepy. I think I'm still trying to catch up from last weekend's big hour and a half of sleep. I'm too old for this shit. Except for the part where I'M TOTALLY NOT!

And hey, if anyone needs a place to crash after the Houston HCT tourdate, I have a couple of couches and a really awesome floor. Let me know if you need a spot to squat for the night. My shower's pretty inticing too. Just ask thousandjulys!
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