June 13th, 2007

Patrick singing

Pre-HCT action...

This is so AWESOME that I don't even know where to start...and we haven't even been to the shows yet.

Okay, so the girls (aka Carlie, Alyssa and Mireya) and I have tickets to the HCT (Honda Civic Tour, for those on my flist who don't know WTF I'm blabbering about) for next Monday, June 18th here in Houston and then Wednesday, June 20th in San Antonio. I bought our tickets for both shows back when they went on presale with OCK and with Ticketmaster as well. I bought a set of seat tickets and then pit tickets to the Houston show (yes, I bought 8 tickets! Ha) and just pit tickets to the San Antonio show. You see, I was paranoid that I wouldn't get good tickets to the Houston show, so I jumped and bought those seat tickets...then when ticketmaster's presale started I was like DUDE, they actually have pit tickets...so I bought those too.

I digress...so that day I sign up Carlie and myself for the chance for M&G for both shows and early entry for San Antonio only (it wasn't available at the Houston show for some reason). I can't sign up Alyssa and Mireya because they aren't OCKs. Ah well. Their parents won't pay for things online apparently, so they aren't OCKs. Well, a few weeks ago, literally, I decided that Alyssa and Mireya NEED to be OCKs...so I sign them up myself without telling them. SURPRISE! I sign them up and then go directly to the HCT early entry and M&G page and try to sign them up for that as well. I didn't think we had a chance for early entry for them because they only give it to the first 100 OCKs that sign up for it.

And, I was thinking...hmmm, with these two girls added on, we have 8 chances to win M&G....at least one of us, right? They randomly choose 15 OCKs for each HCT show to win M&G. Those 15 OCKs can each bring one other OCK with them to the M&G.

Well, I checked my email yesterday and found out that I did get early entry for San Antonio. I figured I would. I signed us up almost immediately. Turns out Carlie, Alyssa and Mireya did as well. Maybe there aren't that many OCKs in San Antonio. So, I get Alyssa to check her email and OMG she won M&G to the Houston show! We sort of jumped up and down and cried and hugged each other! Then we hack into Reya's email *hehe* and she won M&G for the same show!

This is where Alyssa sort of melts out of the chair and onto the floor and I can't stop hugging myself! All four of us are going to M&G at the Houston show. I WILL GET TO TAKE A PICTURE OF SPENCER IN HIS FOB ONESIE FOR THEM TO SIGN! I just. Yeah, I'm sort of speechless I guess.

What are the odds that 2 of the 15 people chosen for this M&G are people I know? People that I bought tickets for? People I signed up for OCK and the contest in the first place? I'm sort of flailing here.

So yeah, next week will be more awesome than I can even understand. I didn't really think I'd get to meet them AGAIN and show them Spencer and OMG, I really do wonder if they'll remember "PREGNANT GIRL"!? I mean, I'd hoped, but honestly, did I think I'd really get to do this again? How can I be this lucky?

OMG what am I going to say? Should I take them pictures of Spencer to keep? Will they WANT them? I need advice!

Thanks for tuning in to this flailing mess of a post. You can go back to what you were doing now.
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