February 18th, 2006

My Boys Sept 2012

Icon post: Ioan Gruffudd extravaganza!

I have so many icons in the works right now. I've been dying to post some, but I refuse to let myself until I have an entire "set" of them completed. I am still working on the GC/Benji, M Shadows, and SGA icons. I think I have enough Horatio Hornblower/Ioan icons to post now. romanticalgirl, I hope you like some of these. You should recognize a few things. *grin*

Collapse )

I hope to be posting more icons soon. I am just glad to get to post SOMETHING complete. Take any you like if you are a fan. Please remember to comment and credit me if you do. I work hard on these. *grin* If you take any of the first six, please credit black_hound.

I love you all!