December 9th, 2005

My Boys Sept 2012

Christmas Shopping!

I took off most of the day from work today to shop for Christmas presents. As most of you know I got married last month. I don't know if you've ever gotten married/been involved in planning a wedding, but its loads more work than I imagined it would be! Anyway, to make and long and boring story short, I haven't gotten too many gifts bought for Christmas. So today is the day. And I can't figure out what to get William as his GIFT TO END ALL GIFTS. Hope I find it today, amidst the insanity that will surely be the mall.

Maybe I won't go to the mall. ARGH! Sorry, had a little pre-Christmas-lack-of-purchased-gifts meltdown. I will recover.

Here's an engagement photo of William & myself. Collapse )

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. If I'm not trampled by mad shoppers I will try to post again tonight.
My Boys Sept 2012

Santa Claus is coming...

Whew! Finally home from my marathon shopping day. Got SO MUCH accomplished. But oh my f-ing gawd did I spend a buttload of money. I usually stretch the spending out over a number of weeks when buying for Christmas, so I was quite unprepared for the single-day slaughter of my bank account. I mean our bank account! Dang, hard to get used to this sharing/married thing. I was a single girl for almost 28 years, you know.

And now I get to sort through all the bags of crap I mean presents and wrap them up and put them under my tree. You know, the one that has been up in my den for over a week now, but as yet has no lights or ornaments on it. Yep, my dears, its a nekkid Christmas tree. How tragic. I will fix it, no worries.

Does it make me an even huger dork than you all know that I already am to have purchased tiny Harry Potter ornaments at Target to hang on my tree? Actually, and you may all decide to "de-friend" me after you read this, I registered for the ornaments on my wedding registry. But none of my so-called closest friends and relatives bought one damned HP ornament for me. How rude. Just sayin'.

Okay. Here's a pic of me in my wedding dress. I am posting this because I told some of you girlies out there that I would (you know who you are).
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Still waiting on the actual photos from the wedding day. I think photographers live in their own world where time is completely irrelevant.