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Glompy, Happy Silly Girl... * stupid happy grin, firmly in place*

I feel so loved. You girlies have no idea. In just over an hour tonight I received a virtual red rose from the fabulous dixi19. Honey, you are one of the select. You bring me to tears of giddy happiness, you make my heart aflutter with smutty sexy ficcage, and you just generally make me a happy gal. I appreciate you so much! Your message made me grin like an idiot and wish to all the gods that I could come over there and hug your in person. *hugs* *tackleglomps* *snogs* *loves*

And I also received a DOZEN red roses anonymously. I have a pretty good idea who they are from. Actually, there's pretty much no doubt in my silly little mind. You know who you are. *loves you SO MUCH* Your message made me cry: tears of silly fangirly joy. *hugs you tightly* *glomps* *loves*

I feel so incredibly happy and loved right now. How silly am I? hehe

Anyone who'd like to: comment here and I'll tell you what it is about you that makes me happy to be your friend. I'm so incredibly lucky to have all of you on my flist.

*loves flist so much*
♥♥♥END Sapfest

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