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BB!Spencer's first day back to school!

Spencer started his new school year today. WOOHOO the afternoon 4-yr-old preschool class! He has been begging me to take him back to school for over a week now, but his didn't start until today! It is going to take some serious adjustment time getting used to him being in the afternoon and not morning class. I'll bet he's having a blast as we speak!

Sorry I haven't posted any more Patrick pics! My internet has been sooo ridiculously spotty lately. Seems to be working okay today, so hopefully I'll get more uploaded and posted this evening....if I don't fall asleep early that is. I'm still wretchedly ill. I'm really over being sick. It can go away now, thanks.

The boys and I ARE enjoying this gorgeous weather we're having. After several weeks of 100+ degree weather I'm glad to get some lows in the 50s and highs in the low 90s and very low humidity. Sounds like backyard time to me!

Tags: bbspencer, what a life i lead

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