I AM YOUR WIFE! (eckerlilas) wrote,

Ask for forgiveness, not permission...

I'm sorry, in advance.

RL has totally ruled me lately. I keep having these intentions for finish and post icons, and I just can't. Can't finish them. Can't find the time to upload and post them. Right now I am squeezing in the time to post this and read my flist before I have to leave AGAIN! I am flying out to Austin tonight for a meeting we have tomorrow morning at 7am (what an ungodly hour for a meeting), only to fly back at 11am tomorrow.

It seems I have so little time to myself lately. Well, so little time to spend with my fab LJ girls. Life should slow down soon, though. I'm sorry to be bitching, but I am just ready for the slow down.

Thank you lovely ladies for being there for me.

I promise those icons are coming. And everything else I have half done. Have faith in me.

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