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What a Wednesday

I went to the doctor we all girls just LOVE. Need I say more?

I am working on icons and a couple of fics when I have the time, which isn't much. I'm working on some
Benji!cons, Madden brother icons, some other sexiful icons, and well, some other stuff. I have some in the works for dixi19 that are taking me forever, and some for tamlane. If I can ever get more than 15 minutes at once on my computer I might actually finish these. *is hopeful*

And these blasted fics are killing me. Don't get me wrong, I am excited to be writing them, and am actually having a blast doing so. I should be able to have some time this weekend to work on them uninterrupted.

Work has been a bleeding NIGHTMARE lately, and has been slowly but surely eating my brain. It's quite difficult to write fic with a diminished brain. So, there you go.

I love you all, my lovely sexy flist!

Please, tell me something good. Tell me why you are my friend. I could definitely use some nice thoughts today! Why do you people even like me? Wait...do you like me? Ahhh, who knows. yeah yeah, I'm insecure...


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